Studio 33 Sittard

Pilates and other movement that your body loves
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Studio 33 Sittard

Pilates and other movement that your body loves

Life likes to throw stuff at us, hey?

Luckily your body is made of amazing anti-fragile stuff – but we know at times we all need someone who can give us a little push or some guidance to get us going.

Movement guidance at Studio 33 is based on the very latest clinical evidence so you only get straight-talking good advice on the next steps that the latest science says will work to get you a pain-free, strong body. Our exercise programs are specifically about what works for you, not just trying to fit you in to a pre-set regime.

If you are feeling frustrated and want to back to the things that you want to do – whether that is playing with the kids or running that ultra-marathon – we can definitely get you back on track.

We can help you whether you are super-unfit or a complete fitness nut, training for a specific challenge. We will work together to set goals that are important to you and coach you to achieve those goals.

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