Our classes

Studio 33 has one aim: to get you moving happy. We offer a range of services, set out for you below.

A free part of the service, and our commitment to knowledge of your specific needs, is a pre-lesson 10 minute chat. Once we have met, we can know what you want and set you off in the right direction. This service is also available to existing clients, should you want to check in and have a chat at any time:

Let’s have a chat

Group classes

We currently offer group classes for Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Pilates Matwork.

Classes in Sittard are open to every one! Classes in Brunssum are only open to Nato personnel.

Private sessions

Private (or duet) sessions are open to anyone. These sessions will get you moving again soon. Not only mats, but a whole range of Pilates equipment is used to get you moving as you desire to. For example reformers, etc …