About Caroline

Caroline firmly believes that Pilates is the best thing your body can get precisely because of her own experience.

After years of neck and back pain, plus a general state of feeling out-of-condition, Caroline happened upon a proper Pilates teacher. She had tried Pilates before in a gym but it seemed repetitive and far too challenging for a normal person. Then she came across a teacher who knew their stuff. It was purely by luck that a class happened to be running locally and she hasn’t looked back.

After years of her own training, Caroline decided that Pilates is what every body needs! She has trained with Body Control Pilates in London, Peak Pilates in Rotterdam and completed a diploma in Clinical Pilates in 2022, so as to be able to offer the very best high-quality, evidence-based movement to the people of Sittard and its surrounds.

Caroline understand why Pilates can seem scary. Even if you end up down another path, just get in touch to see what Pilates can do for you. You are in safe hands.

Caroline Sawbridge Studio 33 Sittard