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Get excited about working out again, and again…

Want to get going right now? Sign up to our booking system.

Something missing for you? Please let us know if there is a time or day you wish was there. We are always adding sessions to suit demand. Just put in your request and we will do our best to make it happen.

Booking instructions

How easy to book a class

We use a Dutch booking system called ‘Trainin’. We like it because it is clear and simple, has an app to give you fast access and information and, best of all, you can change it to a language to suit you. To get started, simply sign up - with no commitment.
Trainin app
You’ll receive an email shortly after sign up and you can then complete the setup up of your account and check out what’s coming up in the schedule, see the different pricing options and plan your weeks to come.
Once you have booked in, you will get a confirmation email. You will also receive a reminder 13 hours before your session (this gives you time to change things). If something has changed you are notified. If there is no space available, you can always put yourself on the waitlist and you will be notified up to 6 hours before class if a space becomes available.
Please note: if you do not cancel before 12 hours from the start of class, and do not turn up, you will still be charged. This is same for all of our group sessions and keeps things fair for everyone. This cancellation window is because our classes are small, space is limited and there is very often someone who will take your place if you do not want it.

First time 6 pack starter offer

Try our first time 6 pack starter offer. It lasts 6 weeks and so we hope you might come twice a week for 4 of those, or you can spread things out if needed.